Dispatch from Brussels: EU Elections

As the European Union prepares for its elections this weekend, it is essential to stay informed about these critical developments, understanding their subtleties and implications. This edition of the Haizum Dispatch from Brussels focuses on the EU Elections, providing in-depth analysis and insights into the complexities of the European political landscape.

This week we particularly focus on:

  1. Latest on EU Election and Polls 
  2. Italian Party Programs 
European Election: latest

The European Parliament elections, set for June 6-9, 2024, will involve nearly 370 million voters electing 720 MEPs. As the only directly elected EU body with legislative blocking power, this election is pivotal. The far-right is expected to gain traction, reflecting increasing public dissatisfaction with centrist parties, and influencing policies on climate change, migration, foreign policy, and social rights. The report equips you with comprehensive knowledge, assisting you in making a well-informed and conscientious voting decision.

Key dates includes: 

6 to 9 June – European elections

13 to 15 June – G7 Summit in Fasano, Italy

17 to 18 June – European Council meeting

End of June/early July – Report by Mario Draghi on competitiveness

26 June to 17 July – EP coalition negotiations

2 to 5 July – Political group study days with new MEPs

16 to 19 July – First plenary session of the new European Parliament

17 or 18 July – Election of new European Commission President

September through October – Commissioners-designate hearings

November, State of the Union speech by Commission President

December, new College of Commissioners takes office, resumption of legislative business as usual

EPP and S&D are expected to maintain their leadership, possibly securing another term for Ursula von der Leyen as European Commission President. However, their coalition with liberal parties (RE) may face seat losses due to public discontent, especially in France.

The far-right factions, particularly the ECR and ID, are projected to gain more than one-fifth of the seats, marking a significant increase. The ECR and ID, led by figures such as Giorgia Meloni and Marine Le Pen, could become the largest political formations in several countries, including Austria, Belgium, France, and Italy. A rise in far-right influence could lead to stricter migration policies and opposition to the EU’s Green Deal. The ECR and ID are likely to push for enhanced border controls and outsourcing migrant responsibilities while opposing climate regulations perceived as burdensome to European businesses. Despite their potential gains, far-right groups remain divided on key issues, such as support for Ukraine. This fragmentation could limit their ability to form a cohesive supergroup, though they may still exert significant influence as kingmakers on various issues.

The 2024 European Parliament elections represent a critical juncture for the EU, with the potential to significantly alter the political landscape. The anticipated rise of far-right parties could disrupt progressive policies, particularly concerning climate action and migration, and challenge the integrity of the European project. The outcome will determine whether pro-European groups can retain a majority and how far-right influence will reshape EU policies.

Latest Polls
Projected composition: Members of the European Parliament
2024 European Parliament Election Projected Results by Member State
Italian Party Programs

This final section provides a meticulous analysis and summary of the programs of Italian political parties, aiming to elucidate positions for undecided voters and those seeking a comprehensive overview of the policy documents presented by the competing political forces. The synthesis covers key topics including warfare, nuclear energy, labor, transportation, digitalization, and finance.



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